May 11, 2019

Tour Report: Hillside Hotel

The abandoned malt factory had been the final spot on the main part of our summer vacation in 2017. For the way home, we had planned to spend one more night at our friend Jens' place and take some night shots at the abandoned sanatorium in his backyard.
So we spent one more night at the hotel in Dresden before packing our stuff the next morning. Next to a few breaks to smoke a cigarette, we made exactly two stops.
The first one was to pick up a few cases case of really nice Schnapps made from bread that we had discovered in Leipzig two years earlier. It's called "Brotschnaps" and if you're interested, you can check it out here.
The second stop was an abandoned hotel in a small toon in the mountains that we had our eye on as a nice little explore on the way.
As we arrived, we parked the car a few hundred meters down the street and walked the rest of the way. There were no fences or signs of any kind, nobody was around, so we quickly walked onto the premises and found cover behind some bushes before starting to look for a way in.
The abandoned hotel consists of four main parts: The old main building that has a wooden structure, the newly-built annex constructed of stone, and the indoor pool whose roof had already collapsed, make up the main hotel. A little off to the side is a small house which was probably used as accommodation for the hotel's employees.
We started checking the main building and quickly found a way in. The first couple of rooms that we found looked promising, but a fire had scorched part of the building - including the stairs to the first floor. We decided not to take the risk at that point and went on to explore the annex. It was completely empty and looked like it was supposed to be refurbished, but work had stopped after stripping the rooms. The only thing to see there was some nice light and a bit of green in the rooms.
Eventually, we left the main building and turned our attention towards the small house a little up the hill. Gaining entry wasn't as easy as we had hoped, but with a little acrobatics, we made it safely in.
The place was a real highlight, most of the furniture was still there and seemed to be relatively untouched.
All in all, a nice little "en-route-exploration". I was a little annoyed that we chickened out and didn't walk up the scorched stairs, but I convinced myself that it was the right thing to do.
This conviction only held for about six weeks, when I returned for a revisit. But that's another story.

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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