March 9, 2019

Tour Report: Iron Works II

On the third day of our summer vacation in August of 2017, we got up pretty early. Our plan for the day was to explore one more location in the Harz mountains before we left for Dresden, where we were going to spend the rest of our vacation.
Again, Jens from the Schlittenhunde Erlebniscamp had arranged a nice breakfast outside. It was sunny and the temperature was about 5 degrees Celsius - luckily, the coffee was nice and hot :)
After breakfast, we packed our stuff, loaded the car and drove off - but not before we had promised Jens to come back again on our way home from Dresden :)

The spot we had planned for the way was an old iron works in the mountains. It was right across the street from another location that we had visited the year before. At the time, we didn't have any time left to also visit the old iron works - but it remained on the list, so this time around, we took the time.

We parked on a publik parking lot a bit down the street and started walking along the fence. We had to be careful, because the spot is located right by the road, so it's really easy to be spotted by people passing by. Also, some of the houses that used to be part of the iron works, have been renovated and there are people living in them.
We found a hole in the fence and slipped in unseen. We managed to explore some of the buildings before we noticed people on the premises. They didn't look like fellow explorers, so we decided to abort our exploration and head back to the car.
Although it was cut a bit short, it was a nice little explore before a rather long drive to our hotel in Dresden.
We arrived in Dresden in the early evening and had a nice hearty dinner before going to bed - the plan for the next day was another long ride to check out three abandoned hotels in the mountains near the border to the Czech Republic, so stay tuned...

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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