June 5, 2018

Tour Report: A Cottage by the Sea [DK]

It was only a small location that my wife and I visited as our last spot on a short tour through Denmark together with our good friend Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex.
We didn't want to be too obvious, so we parked the car at the crossing of the road we needed to walk towards the house.
It was close to the sea, and the only thing surrounding the small cottage were fields of crops, so it was clearly visible that we were walking towards it. And the neighbor's house is right next door...
But in accordance with our previous experiences with Danish police, neighbors and people in general which had shown us that people in Denmark were generally nice and understanding of urbexers, we just went right to the abandoned house.

My wife and Freddy didn't even enter because it was so unspectacular. Nothing really was left except for a table and a bed; the decay wasn't really nice either - but the house looked nice from the outside, and I decided to jump in just for some quick photos.
And I did get a nice shot of my wife looking through the window :)

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