October 14, 2017

Tour Report: Revisit at the Butter Factory

Since neither my wife nor Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex had visited the abandoned butter factory yet, that's the spot we chose as our second location that Sunday in October of last year.
Personally, I was also interested in how they would react to the access route that we'd have to take to get in. In case you don't remember, I have a little more detailed description in the post from the first visit.
In the end, it was easy, just like the first time around.
We took the same parking spot, but we decided to take the easy way onto the premises and just walk through the bushes instead of climbing over the tall fence. The climb to the access window was still possible, and we all got in safely.
To my wife, who is not a huge fan of abandoned industrial locations, the climb was certailny the most interesting part of this exploration, whereas Freddy really had a small field day upon entering the factory :)
After about three hours of exploring, we took the easy way out through one of the side doors, which we of course closed tightly again.

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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