June 27, 2017

Vacation Camp "Basalt"

After not getting into the abandoned iron works but instead finding the Highway Hotel, we drove on to explore our first "planned" spot of the day.
It was an old vacation camp, a spot that I had found during planning, but I wasn't able to find out anything about the history of it.
What was clear was that we were going to have to take a little walk through the forest to get there.
We parked the car at a turning area near the forest entrance and we started our walk.
The path was not declared as private, so we didn't expect any trouble. After about twenty minutes, we met a lady with two dogs. One of the dogs ran straight toward us and got us all dirty with the mud he was playing in. We had a nice short talk with the lady, and she asked us where we were headed. We told her that we were just wandering around. She told us that the path ends after a while and that we couldn't go any further from there. We just told her that that's the place we were looking for. She looked a bit puzzled, and we politely said goodbye and went on our way.
After a while we arrived at a fence with a "private property" sign on it. There was a huge hole in that fence, so we accepted the invitation and went in.
The visit didn't enlighten us in any way regarding the history except that it added the possibility of a military use, but nothing concrete came up.
As expected, the camp had obviously suffered many teenagers from the area having parties there, and there weren't too many good shots to take, but all in all, we had a nice afternoon walk through the forest.

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