May 25, 2017

Farmhouse Dogwood [DK]

When Pixelcracker, Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and I met up that morning in early July of last year, it was my first tour to Denmark since my wife's family reunion about one year before, and I was happy to have to chance to go for a tour there again.
Since it was only a day's tour, we limited ourselves to some spots in the southern part of the country.
Our first stop was an old farm house. Structurally, it was the classic Danish farmhouse with four sides and a yard in the middle.
The four parts are usually the farmhouse, a barn, stables and a workshop and/or quarters for the farm hands.
We drove by the place a couple of times to check for watchful neighbors, but the ones we saw didn't seem to be interested in us, so we parked a little away from the location and walked right onto the premises.
Part of the houses have already fallen apart, with collapsed walls and roofs. The former workshop/stable was full of trash and stuff that hinted to a former use as an artisan's café or so, something that is really popular in Denmark.
The main farmhouse seemed to have gone rudimentary renovation some time ago, but the efforts have mostly been destroyed by time again.
After about an hour of walking around and taking photos, we left for the next spot.

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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