April 2, 2017

Army Fuel Depot N.

This place is buried deep in the woods, and thanks to a relatively inaccurate map we got from a friend of mine, we managed to take a little longer than planned to find our designated parking spot.
From there, it was only a short walk to the actual fuel depot.
The large fuel tanks with a volume of 7.700 cubic meters haven't been built underground. Only the foundations are in the ground, the rest has been built above the ground and was then covered in earth and over the years overgrown by trees.
The steel walls of the huge tanks make for an amazing sound, and if you're there in the right moment, the sun's rays can be seen shining through the hole at the top of the tank.

To find out more about the history of this interesting spot and to check out all the photos from this neat place, click the button below.

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