February 4, 2017


On the day of our departure, I managed to persuade my parents to make a little detour on the way home to visit Ferropolis - the City of Iron.
This huge strip mine has been turned into a museum and event center with five gigantic excavators arranged to form an arena of rusting iron.
The mine itself has been flooded over a period of five years and is now an artificial lake.
Although this is not a "traditional" urbex location, it was a more than fascinating site to visit.
The weather had a great part in the photos. The rain was on and off, and it was pretty windy, so the clouds in exchange with the blue sky added some extra drama to the look og the photos.
My parents were fascinated as well, especially my father, who in his younger years originally had wanted to study mining and metallurgy before moving on and becoming a pharmacist, enjoyed this stop.
At the end of our visit, we drank a nice coffee and drove the remaining 400 kilomters home.

To find out more about the history of this industrial monument and to check out all the photos from this amazing place, click the button below.

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