December 11, 2016

Operation "Easter Basket" - Foundry A.

On the third day of our Easter explore this year, we drove East from our night quarters. There were some promising spots in the Sauerland region that we had planned to check out that day.
Our first spot was in a part of the area that is famous for its metalworking industry, especially its wire-drawing mills and its foundries.
It was an old foundry in a small town. The location was easy enough to find, but it was a normal workday and the ruin lies right next to an administration building.
So we parked the car on a more or less official spot and started looking for a way in that wasn't too close to the active building next door. We found an opening that led us into one part of the foundry, but there was no chance to get in any further, so we got back out and tried to get in by the river. Another failure.
After a short consultation, we decided to be upfront about our intentions and take the easy way in. The easy way was a door that was open only a small crack that allowed only one person at a time to slip through - and it was very easy to spot us from the neighboring buildings...
We slipped in anyway, and after climbing over a car wreck that was jamming the door from the inside, we were in.
It was a nice and sunny morning that did not at all emphasize the dark history that has riddled this place for the past couple of years...

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin and to check out all the photos from this place, click the button below.

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