October 8, 2015

Villa Woodstock

What a great place this was! Beautiful architecture and colors! I had seen this on a bunch of photos and when my wife and I were in the area, of course we had to try and go for a visit.
This was actually the second try. Two days before, we met up with a friend and wanted to pay a visit to this old villa, but there was no chance to get in - even the old "it doesn't look like it's open, but it is"didn't work. So at the time, we opted for a different location - the Cookie Factory.
The first attempt was on a Friday, so I said to my wife that we should try again on Sunday, because between Friday and Sunday is - exactly - Saturday! And it seemed to me like a fairly safe bet to assume that sometime between Friday and Sunday someone eventually was going to "find" an opening.
And I was right. We returned early Sunday morning and found an open window through which we squeezed into the basement.
We were not disappointed, the place was really beautiful and at the time completely free from vandalism.
At first, we were alone and had the building for ourselves, but after a while, another group of photographers came along. They told us that on the balcony of the neighboring building a guy was standing and filming everything and had yelled at them for trespassing, but no police came and we continued our eploration.
After about two and a half hours, we left the beautiful old villa and drove on to our next adventure...

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