August 25, 2015

HAWK-Missile Launch Site G.

Since our tour to the North Frisian farm house brought us to that particular area in Northern Germany, of course we decided to check out a couple of other locations while we were there.

The next stop was a typical relic from the Cold War - an abandoned HAWK-Missile launch site.
These weapon systems have had a long history in the defense network of the Western Allies against the Soviet threat at the time.

To react to the changing threats in the cold war due to the introduction of supersonic jets to various air forces, it was decided at the beginning of the 1960s, that the German Bundeswehr was to be equipped with US-produced Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems wich should substitute the greatly overchallenged older tube artillery.

To combat targets in high altitudes (mainly bombers), the Nike Ajax (later Nike Hercules) system was chosen; the mid- and low-altitude range was to be coverd by the HAWK system... [more]

For more information about the history of the HAWK-system in Germany and more photos from this location, please visit my website.

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