June 22, 2015

Railway Repair Factory G. [Revisit]

I am still a little behind with the reports on my blog, but I am catching up; as of now I am only about four months behind!
I had only visited one location (legally) in the past four weeks and I was getting itchy to go out again.
That particular weekend, I came to talk about the subject of urban exploring with my mother again, who had always expressed an interest in this hobby ever since my wife and I had taken it up a couple of years ago.
So when she mentioned that she would like to go on an exploration herself, I offered her to accompany me on a spontaneous tour to a location that I had visited about a year ealier together with my wife - an abandoned railway repair factory (Gallery).
Since I had been there before, I could have a look out for myself as well as for my mother while exloring the place, and I knew that there probably wouldn't be any unpleasant surprises.

So my mom and I went on an exploration together, and we had a great time together, joking about the possibility of the police catching us and me saying "Officer, I swear I wasn't doing anything bad! See - I even brought my mother to look out for me!".
That wasn't necessary, we spent a couple of hours in the place and drove home undisturbed.

To check oout the full gallery of this visit, please visit my website.

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