April 4, 2015

Sanatorium Beelitz-Heilstätten [Revisit]

On our second day of our trip to Berlin in December of last year, my wife and I had planned a hole day of exploring in the abandoned sanatorium at Beelitz-Heilstätten.
It had been almost two years since our first visit in January of 2013, so we were really happy to get tickets for a "fotobase" with go2know.
Of course that meant spending a lot of money, and I know that some people are strictly oppposed to this "commercialisation" of the hobby of urban exploration (a sentiment that I am supporting to a certain extent).
To me however, the opportunity of visiting Beelitz one more (and very probably last) time clearly outweighs the commercial aspect - even if you have to "share" the place with a bunch of other photographers.

Anyway, we got up pretty early and were in fact able to spend eight hours in the various buildings (the central bath house, the hospital's butchery, the bakery, the heating plant, the men's sanatorium, the men's lung sanatorium and the central laundry).
Of course, there are way too many photos to share them all here in this blog, so I'll be posting a selection of shots here and if you like, you can head over to my website to check out the rest.

My favorite at Beelitz are the corridors. The hallways of Beelitz are just amazingly beautiful. Wide, spacious and light-flooded they give an impression of life in the sanatorium about 100 years ago.
I can almost see the patients walking to the halls, with doctors and nurses hurrying past them...

Next up: The staircases of Beelitz - stay tuned!


  1. Mit den Bildern der Beelitz-Heilstätten habe ich damals Deinen Blog gefunden und schätzen gelernt!
    Ich bin von dieser Location total fasziniert. Auch wenn es der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht ist und viele dies als Geldmacherei verpönen. Ich mag einfach die Atmosphäre dort, die auf Deinen Bildern immer grandios rüberkommt. Irgendwann möchte ich selber mal eine Fototour dort machen.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Dann solltest Du Dich beeilen - soweit mir bekannt ist, beginnen im Badehaus und zwei weiteren Gebäuden am 20.04. die ersten Sanierungsmaßnahmen...
      Andere Bereiche sind noch besuchbar, aber über kurz oder lang wird nicht mehr viel im jetzigen Zustand verbleiben...



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