August 5, 2014

National-Political Educational Institution

In Germany during the 3rd Reich, there were 38 so-called National-Political Educational Institutions (NPEA). These were boarding schools that were founded after the Nazi's seizure of power in 1933.
Attendance and completion of the education qualified the students for higher education at the Reich's universities. Similar to the "Adolf-Hitler-Schools" and the SS' "Junkerschulen", the NPEAs were tasked with developing the future elite of Nazi Germany.

These schools' purpose was to "educate the students to National Socialists, strong in body and mind for the service to the people and the state".

This school was in fact the only NPEA to have been built especially for this purpose, all the others had been placed in existing schools and institutions - castles, hospitals and monasteries.

We haven't been in there for long, there were security patrols at the gate and we were lucky not to get caught. Once inside, we found that the building was swarming with wasps and horseflies, so the exploration it wasn't really a pleasure.
The building is spectacular from the outside. It's a Nazi-typical massive building borrowing elemts from neoclassicism.
On the inside, however, there are mostly endless hallways and empty rooms, since after the German reunification the building was used by various schools and none of them have left anything.

Here are the fist couple of photos.

I am saving the really interesting pictures for the next post, so stay tuned, folks!

Part 1 | Part 2


  1. sehr geil! die abblätternde farbe ist, wie immer, hochfotogen, foto #1 ist jedoch der absolute killer! ;o)

    1. Danke Dir! Meine favoriten aus der Location kommen aber erst noch :)



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