April 17, 2014

Post-War Separation - The Abandoned Airfield (Part 3)

During World War II, a lot of different fighter suqadrons as well as administrative offices and training units were stationed here.
In April of 1945, the last units left the airfield before it was taken by U.S. forces on May 1, 1945.
On July 1, 1945, the Americans gave control over the airport to the Red Army.
Soviet soldiers moved into the barracks of the airfield.
The area was seperated into a military and an industrial part, the landing strip became farming ground and the technical facilites were used for industrial production and storage.
After the cold war had ended in 1991, the last Soviet units (an anti-aircraft missile regiment) left the remaining military part of the airfield in 1993. Since then, most of the buildings have been demolished. What's left is exposed to the elements and gradually reclaimed by nature.

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