March 26, 2014

The Abandoned Chocolate Factory Revisited

Since we didn't have enough time to thoroughly explore all the buildings in the chocolate factory during our first visit, I took advantage of the good weather two weeks later and went on another trip.

The location is not as secret as I had thought; I met three other people there, two guys and a girl walking through the dark basements and taking pictures. The girl was pretty mad at herself for not bringing a tripod...
Anyway, I could see that the two weeks that had passed since my last visit hadn't been kind to the old factory. A bunch of stuff was missing from the lab and a lot of the piping has been torn out. During my research on the internet I found newspaper articles about the factory. Apparently, three Romanian metal thieves that were raiding the factory have been apprehended by the police after neighbors called the authorities when they saw people walking around on the property.

Here are the first photos from my second visit.

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