March 29, 2020

Tour Report: The Mill in the Meadow [DK] [Revisit]

The second location that my friend "Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland" and I visited on our short tour through Denmark two years ago was also a place that I'd visited once before - an old mill that my wife and I had discovered during a summer tour the year before.
Just like the first time, we had no trouble at all. We were able to park right in front of the location, which was pretty good because it started raining.
The access also was still the same - the door was open.
Unfortunately, some nicer details were missing, such as a few of the rusty vintage oil cans and the old telephone.
It's sad that these things were gone, since usually I'm too excited during a first visit to get all the details - which is why I really like revisits to get a closer look.
I still took the time to get a few shots that I'd missed the first time.
It was a pity that we only found the baby strollers in the basement after we'd packed everything back into the car and didn't want to get back out into the rain...
...but luckily, there was going to be another visit at this place in the future - so stay tuned!

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