April 5, 2020

Tour Report: Chalk Factory 48 [DK]

We had explored an abandoned farmhouse and barn during our tour in early February 2018, and we had explored an abandoned mill. While we were sneaking through the old mill, it had started raining, and it hadn't stopped when we were done there.
My friend "Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland" and I conferred if we should continue and decided to roughly drive in the direction of home and check out one more location on the way. It was an old factory that we had seen a few times driving by on the way somewhere else and always deemed "not so interesting" - but it was a possibility for a location with relatively short ways and ample parking space.
And it was. The place was near the off-ramp from the freeway on the edge of an industrial park. Since it was Sunday, there was no one around, and we could freely choose a place to park.
The old factory wasn't even fenced in. The place was wide open which made entering easy not only for us, but over the years apparently also for lots of teenagers, people dumping trash and graffiti "artists".
Anyway, we first checked out the main factory building. It wasn't huge, but there were still a few remains of the production machines - and a lot of chalk dust.
Afterwards, we went to check out the outside parts of the facility, and towards the end, we took a look in the storage rooms.
The attribute "not so interesting" is almost fitting. The place itself doesn't have much to offer in terms of photography - but if you look closely, there are some things to be found. And since it was on the way, it wasn't even a detour for us, so it was a worthwhile explore after all!

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