April 21, 2018

Tour Report: The House of the Old Couple

The weather was still grey and it looked like rain, when we left the first location. I had gotten a tip from a local regarding the second spot, so naturally, we had to check it out.
It was a small house in the middle of nowhere. We parked the RV a bit off, but we didn't have to walk too far.
I went up to the building. The mailbox had exploded from too many newspapers - this place was clearly abandoned. I walked up to the front door. It was closed. But maybe...you never know...YES! It was open! I do like Denmark! Especially on the countryside, people rarely lock their front doors! Urbex paradise!
The house was really tiny and it had been trashed somewhat good. But there were still some really nice little things to find, especially in the attic, which of course was the most dangerous place to walk around...
Anyway, we all made it out safely, and we were happy to have found this little gem.

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April 18, 2018

Tour Report: The House of the Evil Man

It was a cold and grey Sunday morning in January of 2017, when our infamous crew consisting of Pixelcracker, Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland and myself drove North for a short tour of the Southern region of Denmark.
We had planned four locations, all of which were homes and farms either in small villages or way out in the coutryside.
We reached our first spot almost right after we had crossed the border. It was a small house that according to my information carries a somewhat dark history with it.
Parking spots were scarce, but so where neighbors, so we parked our car right on the former driveway.
Usually, a German RV doesn't rise any suspicions in Denmark, so we were pretty sure that no one would bother us.

We made our way from the car to the house over the lawn behind the house, where we tripped over a couple of old wire fences that were lying in the high grass and that couldn't be seen, but these were the only obstacles in our way.
Upon entering the house, we found rooms still with furniture, clothes on the floor and drawers emptied. All things of value - if there were any - seemed to have been taken, but there was a surprisingly little amount of vandalism, so that we did manage to get some nice shots from inside the house as well as outside.

After about an hour, we left to find the next spot on out list.

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April 12, 2018

Tour Report: Paint Factory R.

It was the final spot of our first tour of 2017 together with our dear friend Nordgriller Urbex. And it was one of those locations where you really had no choice but to park right in front of the location and walk right in. It worked nicely.
The location was an industrial ruin right in the middle of a suburban residential area. This suburban residential area literally had no public parking space except one possibility that happened to be right across the street from the desired spot. So we parked there.
There was a fence around the whole premises, but there also was an opening in the main gate - it hadn't been closed properly or it had been opened. But there was an easy way in.
It was a winter afternoon and the sunlight started to fade, so we concentrated our efforts on the ground level rooms first, worked our way up to the upper floors - as far as they were accessible - and saved the basement for last.
Being located in a residential area, many teenagers have left their mark on the location, but there were still some nice photos to shoot and even some machinery to be found.
When the sun was almost gone, we left the place - but not without being annoyed by some teenangers that called themselves "Youtubers" and whose kind is clearly the reason that last I heard there was no more possibility to get in after too many teenangers were making loud noises in that nasty-looking ruin that looks bad in the neighborhood...

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