April 12, 2020

Tour Report: The Villa by the Bridge

Over the years, there were a few times when I was standing in front of this abandoned villa - sometimes alone, sometimes together with a friend - but there never was a way in.
In early March of 2018, however, I heard that a certain group of "urban explorers" had been there, and "suddenly" a back window had been smashed. I have no proof that this group broke the window - but in the past, there has been more than one location that had been closed over many years, but was miraculously "open" (or rather broken in) when these guys appeared...
Although as an urban explorer, I am dependent on locations being open (unless there is a legal way to visit) - but to break in and destroy property to gain access is a disgrace and only leads to an increase of security for the locations.
But there will always be the "bad eggs" that will do everything (even break into an active airport...) to get more clicks on their Youtube channel...

But back to my explore of this particular place.
It was a sunny Sunday in March, and I had just heard about the potential access to the old villa. My wife didn't want to go, so I went alone. Usually, I don't go exploring alone, but there was a high risk that the villa would be sealed up again pretty quickly, because renovation was planned and nobody wants destruction or a fire in a place that he is about to renovate.
As I got to the villa, I walked around the back, trying not to be spotted by the neighbors that were right next door. I sneaked through the garden towards the terrace, and I could already see that a window had been smashed. I quickly climbed in, set up my camera and started my walkthrough.

The place had been abandoned for little more than five years, and the condition was still pretty good. Because it had been secured for most of the time, there haven't been vandals or copper thieves - but it seemed that for at least some time, one or more homeless persons had camped in some of the rooms.
I was completely alone, so I took my time to check out very room.
There wasn't too much to see in terms of decay, but I was happy to finally be able to explore this place. And it was about time, too, because only a few weeks later, demolition began on the adjacent buildings and the renovation of the main building started.

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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