March 14, 2020

Tour Report: The Home of the Priest [Revisit]

My first visit to this abandoned house was, well, it was the first visit. I was overwhelmed by the impressions and didn't have an eye for the neat details this place had to offer.
The second visit was a spontaneous idea without much ambition on my side, so I more or less made new shots of the same stuff that I'd shot the first time.
But I was looking forward to the third visit, because I knew that this time I was going to get the details!
It was the final spot on a tour with our friends Pixelcracker and Lichtbeschatter who both hadn't seen this place yet. The weather had cleared up after it looked like it was going to start raining, and so we all were in a sunny mood.
Access was the same as the first two times - just walk in the door.
The place had always been pretty trashy in some parts, but what had happened in the six months since the last time was something that I'd rarely seen.
Only a few of the original scenes that we found were still there. Everything else had been turned upside down. What I saw, made me really sad.
It helped that I had come here to focus on the details, and that was what I did. There were still many of the little things that I'd missed during the first two visits, and I took my time with the keys on the organ in the living room.
We also checked out the two barns - something that we also hadn't done before.
The barns held a few treasures themselves - especially the old coach. It was a little bit crunched inside a corner, but it still looked got. My guess is that it  was at least 120 years old.

We took our time exploring every corner - and it was a good thing, too, because from what I've seen on photos a fellow explorer took recently, the barns have collapsed, and the house has been completely trashed.

To check out all the photos from this place, click the button below.

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  1. Oh! The coach, and the tractor! What can you tell me of the history of this house? You name it the priest's house, but is that what it was, and what the owner was? Did he undertake to grow crops using the tractor to plow? Please tell me/us more!!?


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