July 24, 2016

Castle M.

I had to wait a little for my next tour. More than a month after visiting the abandoned textile mill together with my wife, I went for a two-day tour with my friend Freddy [Nordgriller Urbex].
We had a bunch of locations planned and had arranged to sleep in a friend's place.
We left pretty early that first day, because we had a lot of kilometers to go. The first spot we had planned was an old abandoned mansion - or rather castle - in a small town in the Northeast of Germany.
It was pretty easy to find, and so we quickly parked the car a little off the main road. The weather wasn't too good, and it was pretty early so there were no people around, and we just walked up to the mansion and started looking for a way in. There were signs posted that the property is protected by a security service, and I had heard of other signs that were supposed to warn people of trip wires that had been set up around or inside the building.
But e only saw the Security service's signs - and there was no sign of trip wires either. The mansion looks like there is in fact a security service around, because obviously, openings had been fixed and broken window boards had been repaired.
Finding a way in was easy enough, we found it during our first walk around the building and hopped right in.
Unfortunately, the mansions magnificent outside appearance makes a promis that the inside is far from keeping. thaere has been substantial vandalism, and some attempts in renovating the building have been started, but the inside looks rather desolate.

To find out more about the history of this beautiful castle and to check out all the photos from this nice spot, click the button below.


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