July 2, 2016

Farm Machines Repair Factory G.

Remember my post about the Brick Factory? The you Russian lady that I told you about? We met her again after our last spot on day one and went out for dinner with her and our friend where we were going to stay for the night.
During dinner we kept ordering beers and shots, which kind of pointed in the direction that the evening was going...after returning to our friend's apartment, we kept drinking vodka and other things...
...and the start of our tour on the next morning was delayed, of course. But after a hearty breakfast and lots of coffee, we were able to start again.
I had gotten the tip for this location from another friend who lives in the area, and it seemed like a good start for the day. Not too far to drive and easy to access.
We drove around the place a little to scout for a possible way in and parked a little farther away and walked back to the designated entrance.
Access was really easy; we just climed up a few stairs and were in.
The weather was nice, and the place was mostly vandalized, but was still offering a couple of nice scenes to shoot. Part of the area seems to be in use by an auto shop, but after we had finished the larger part of the factory, we sneaked around the active area and found another empty building which would have been sad to miss.
After about two and a half hours, we went back to the car and drove off to the next spot.

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin and to check out all the photos from this nice spot, click the button below.

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