July 18, 2016

Textile Mill W.

It was early November of last year, and I hadn't been exploring for about four weeks, when I convinced my wife to go with me for a tour of an abandoned textile mill about 250 kilometers from home.
We borrowed my mother's car and planned to meet with Claudi from Lost Places Knipser who I'd first met on our tour of the abandoned Soviet airfield in the same town.
We left pretty early, knowing that the traffic would get more during the day, especially in the direction of Berlin. But we got through alright, it was a pretty relaxed ride.
Once we arrived at our designated spot, we found a place to park on the parking lot of a supermarket only a little walk from the location. There we met with our friends, and we made a short plan where and how to get inside.
The textile mill is pretty large, and the main building is right at the street, so we decided to jump the fence from a little back road by the side of the factory buildings.
From there, we made our way over a little field until we got to the main building. We found a window low enough and big enough to climb in right away, so my wife and I took the opportunity and hopped in. Our companions, however, didn't really like the idea of climbing and took the open door a couple of meters to the side of the building...
As I said, the place was big, and so we used our small PMR radios to communicate. After a while, we heard other people talk on the same frequency as ours - someone was using PMR radios as a kind of baby monitor to talk to their children. We couldn't help and talk some nonsense to confuse these people - and it worked nicely!
We spent well over four hours in the factory before we had seen everything. Only the factory owner's villa remained inaccessible...

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin and to check out all the photos from this nice spot, click the button below.

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