July 31, 2016

Alternative Spot: Construction Company N.

The second spot that Freddy and I had in mind for our two-day tour of Eastern Germany was an old cooling tower.
Situated right in the middle of an industrial area of a large East German town, it looked acessible on all photos that I had managed to find. So we thought, we'd give it a try.
We drove some time to get there, and once we got to the city limits, our mood started to dcline. The city itels looked so dreary and depressing, it started to have an effect on us. The rainy December weather added to the already sad atmosphere, when we got out of the car to find a way into the object.
There was no chance. We must have sneaked around the cooling tower on all sides for more than an hour when we decided to call it a day with this location. There were fences everywhere, as well as active industrial areas aound the cooling tower.
So we went for the next best thing - an abandoned building across the street.
This location was also very sad, actually. Not for the history, but for the fact that due to its relative boredom and its state of vandalism only added to our overall "sadness".
This whole experience was so influential that Freddy and I still have a little trauma from visiting this city.
It's called the "Neubrandenburg-Trauma".

To find out more about the history of this dreadful place and to check out all the photos from this ugly spot, click the button below.

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