August 5, 2016

Command Bunker P.

It was getting late on the first day of Freddy's  (Nordgriller Urbex) and my two-day trip to Eastern Germany last year.
It was the middle of December after all, so there wasn't much daylight left after a couple of hundred kilometers on the road, two more or less successful locations and an unuccessful one as well...
But there was one location that we still wanted to visit - a former command bunker of the East German National People's Army.
So we drove some more in eastern direction until we found the place.
We did our usual drive-by to check for a way in and for possible obstacles and ended up parking almost right in front of the location. There were neighboring houses, but no one but a dog seemed to be alerted by our presence.
Entering the former high-security military area was easy.
Did you see that barrier tape? What barrier tape? Thought so.
We walked past the barracks since our primary interest was in the bunker and we quickly found that. There was no obvious way in, but we found one after a quick search.
The desturction inside was severe. There is nothing left of the original interior. You can only guess what the two-floor command center must have looked like.
Since it was getting dark really quick and we still had quite a way to go to arrive at the place where we were going to crash for the night, we only took a couple of photos inside the bunker, grabbed some more outside and the headed back to the car.

To find out more about the history of this interesting place and to check out all the photos from this nice spot, click the button below.

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