December 9, 2013

I Want Candy - The Sugar Factory (Part 2)

I have to step up the pace a little in order to finish posting the pictures from our last tour before the next. On Thursday, my wife and I will take a short trip to Berlin for a couple of days and meet up with my brother (SNOB desillustration), and we'll surely wind up exploring a couple of there will be more to look at!

As I've said, there's not much information to find about this sugar factory beyond the dates of founding and closing.
Since it was only a short stop on our way home, we dind't really have much time, only about 45 minutes or so, to explore the location. We didn't find a way in right away, so for this location, it's only outside shots - but I'm sure we will return for another exploration.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Revisit

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