December 4, 2013

Code Name Friedland - The Explosives and Ammunitions Factory (Part 3)

In this facility, after the construction of the Nitropenta production group had been stopped, the two explosives TNT (since 1938) and Picric Acid (since 1939) were produced until 1945.

The highest rate of production was reached in the business year 1942/43 with overall 29.170 metric tons of explosives.
In total, over the years, 118.691 tons of TNT and 5.608 tons of Picric Acid were produced.
Hence, this production site had the second highest output of all the German facilitys in this particular branch.

The production was stopped on March 29, 1945 - three days before the American troops moved into the area.
The production site was seized by the American Military Government, which ordered the local government on January 19, 1946 to shut down the facility, to supply adequate equipment and installations for the purpose of reparations and to destroy all machinery only utilizable for the purpose of war.
In accordance with the demilitarization, 148 buildings were - partly by targeted detonations - destroyed and rendered useless. Furthermore, the ramparts around the buildings and the camouflage on the roofs were removed.

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