May 1, 2019

Tour Report: The Leather Factory

Since our exploration of the abandoned meat factory was cut a little short, there was still some time left to visit another spot before we had to drop off my mother-in-law at the train station for her ride home.
We decided for an abandoned leather factory in a small town bordering a large city. The drive wasn't too far, and so there still would be enough time to drive to the train station after we'd finished our exploration.
We drove to the address that I had found out for this location, and we could see the old leather factory from pretty far away. The surrounding area looked a little different from what I had seen on Google Earth during planning - a supermarket had been built where I suspected the access to be... We were lucky, though - it was Sunday, and there was hardly any cars parking on the supermarket parking lot, so we had a nice place to park ourselves. A truck was parked next to the fence separating the supermarket from the industrial ruin. The hole was right next to the truck, whose driver was either sleeping or not even in the truck, but we still tried to be as quiet as possible while sneaking past the truck's door and slipped through the hole in the fence.
We hurried across the open field towards the factory building and found an open door right away. We were in and started our explore. Lots of cars and pedestrians were passing the factory during the time we were in there, completely unaware of our presence. We explored the place bottom to top. Considering the region in which it stands, the building is still in relatively good shape. There are plenty of graffiti, and about every piece of metal has been stolen, but the vast rooms, the arched windows and the sunlight gave the old ruin a nice atmosphere to take photos.
About two hours after our arrival, we had finished checking out all rooms of the abandoned leather factory, and we went back to the car.
We drove to the train station, dropped off my mother-in-law, and after that, my wife and I were off to the next location, so stay tuned for the next tour report...

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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