May 29, 2019

Tour Report: Hotel "Teddybear"

I had heard stories of angry neighbors calling the police as soon as you enter this place - but when I got to visit this abandoned hotel on a spontaneous tour together with my friend Pixelcracker in October of 2017, everything went smoothly.
Only two days earlier, we had decided to go for a three-day tour in Pixelcracker's RV. I called my friend Jens if it was possible to park the RV on his premises for the two nights we planned to stay, and he was okay with that. The next evening, I packed my gear, loaded the batteries, and the next morning, I met with Pixelcracker for a weekend of adventure!
We had decided for the abandoned hotel as our first location because it was conveniently on the way, so we wouldn't have to take a long detour and be in the camp in time for barbecue. Additionally, the place seemed to be a pretty safe bet to gain access - aside from the horror stories about the neighbors.
Before we arrived, we took our time to study the area on Google Earth to find a way to approach the building without looking too suspicious - preferably we'd not be seen at all by any neighbors. But that task seemed impossible to accomplish, because the hotel lies right at the end of a street in a densely populated residential area...
We had to "disguise" ourselves as tourists to blend in. We parked the RV a long way off, took our backpacks and started making our way towards the old hotel. The weather was really nice, so we probably did look like some tourists going for a hike. We took the longer way that didn't lead straight to the hotel, but enabled us to approach the building through the forest without being seen by the next-door neighbors.
It took us some time to find a way in, but we eventually made it and found a really nice place. Of course - many "interior decorators" have taken care that almost no furniture is left in its original place, but surprisingly enough, the vandalism hadn't really started at that point in time.
We took our time checking every single room and taking photos. We must have spent about three hours in there before climbing back out and heading towards the car.

I hadn't even lit my "post-exploration cigarette" when I spotted something...

...but that'll be a story for the next report :)

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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