April 22, 2019

Tour Report: Meat Factory D.

We got so caught on this one! But the security service could have saved themselves the hassle if they had paid attention before we entered.
But let's start at the beginning. The day before, we had a really great tour together with my mother-in-law, visiting an abandoned manor house from the 17th century and the beautiful "Devil's Bridge".
The next day, we still had some time left before dropping off my mother-in-law at the train station, and we decided to spend the time wisely - exploring more abandoned places!
The first spot early in the morning was a huge abandoned  meat factory built in the late 1920s. As we drove up to the building, we were impressed by the size and the beautiful architectural style.
We found a parking place near the factory and walked around a bit to do a preliminary check for possible access routes.
As we looked over a wall to the main door, we saw two people leaving the building. One of them was carrying a camera and a backpack. We tried to alert them to our presence using a sort of "loud whisper" to see if they had information regarding the access on the premises. Apparently, they didn't hear us, because they disappeared and left the premises somewhere where we couldn't see.
So we had to find the access for ourselves. Which we did. We had to squeeze between a wall and a fence and get through a thicket of thorny bushes. My mother-in-law declined and wanted to wait in the car, so my wife and I went in without her.
We managed to get through the plants, and to our surprise, the door to the building was open. We entered and immediately started taking photos.
After about twenty minutes, one of the two guys that we saw leaving the building earlier came out of one of the stairwells and said "Gotcha!".
He had us. Turns out that he worked for the security company tasked with watching the building - and the "two guys" leaving the building earlier was just him escorting his first catch of the day off the premises...
Apparently, we had tripped one of many motion detectors inside the building...
Anyway - the upside was that aside from having to leave, no consequences ensued - and we got to leave the place through the "normal" gate and didn't have to crawl through the bushes again!
We even told the guy that if he had paid attention to us whispering over the wall, he could have saved himself and us the trouble. He actually had thought that he was the one who tripped the motion sensor as he left with the guy before us and only came by when we tripped the next one...

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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