February 2, 2019

Tour Report: The Mill in the Meadow [DK]

We visited this abandoned mill in July of 2017. Every other year, my mother-in-law's family is holding a family reunion in Denmark. The last one was held on the island of Fyn, and we had planned to use at least some of the time to explore the abandoned side of Denmark.
My wife's mother came up to Kiel a couple of days before the reunion to stay with us. On the first day of the reunion (when everyone gathers at the place that we rent for the celebration), we first drove up North because I had gotten a tip regarding a nice little place that might be worth an exploration.
The detour wasn't too long, so we decided to check out this mill on the way up to the reunion.

As we started our drive, the weather looked good. However, as we drove North, more and more clouds darkened the skies and it started raining, and it didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon.
But rain is something that has never spoiled an exploration for us, so we drove on towards our destination somewhere in the Danish countryside.
We could spot the mill from pretty far away; it stands lonely right next to a small river that used to power the mill works. And there was a parking spot right in front of the door, so we didn't have to walk too much through the pouring rain.
We got out of the car grabbed our gear and quickly walked to the large gate of the mill's barn - the gate was open.
The place had obviously been abandoned for quite some time, and the local populace has used it to dump some trash in it; but there was still a lot to discover, and the old wooden machines were all still there. It felt like a little time travel to see all the old wooden machines and transmissions, just like they'd been set up when the mill was built in the 1870s.

Some parts of the floors are a bit dangerous to walk on, and some floors already have started to collapse, but we still spent about two hours in there to check out all the details that could be found. There were even old Danish exercise books that belonged to children going to school. There were a lot of things to be discovered, and I did return twice since our first visit, so you can look forward to some more photos in the future.

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