February 24, 2019

Tour Report: Sanatorium F.

This abandoned sanatorium in the mountains of Germany was the first spot my wife and I explored on our summer vacation tour in 2017. We had left home relatively early to be able to fit in a short exploration before going grocery shopping and then drive up the mountain, so to speak, to the "Schlittenhunde Erlebniscamp" (Sled Dog Camp) where we were going to visit good friends and spend the first two nights of our vacation.

Since there was so little information about this sanatorium, we didn't really know what to expect. The usual questions arose: Was there going to be security? How tightly has it been sealed? Maybe it has been demolished? And what about the nighbors?
We found a public parking lot a bit down the road that looked inconspicuous enough - after all, this is a tourist area with lots of hiking trails, so two people with backpacks shouldn't look too suspicious. For added entertainment, rain had started just as we had arrived. On the good side, this led to almost no one except us walking around next to the road, and we could slip into the overgrown path without being seen.
There was no fence, the doors were open, and there was no sign of a security service patrolling the area. Access was really easy due to the open doors, and we started our exploration in the basement and worked our way up to the higher floors. After finishing the main building, we checked out the smaller adjacent building, before we walked back to the car to check out another place before heading to the grocery store.

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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