February 3, 2019

Tour Report: Farmhouse No.36 [DK]

After we'd finished our exploration of the abandoned mill, we drove to the island of Fyn, where the family reunion was held.
The official start was on the next day, but most of the family gathers on the evening before, has a nice little dinner and start drinking. The first program point on the following morning was the traditional breakfast, after which my wife and I excused ourselves until late afternoon.
We had planned a tour together with Dan from Urbex Inn, a Danish urban exploration photographer.
The first spot we had planned was a promising looking little abandoned farmhouse pretty close to the site of the family reunion, so we didn't have to drive too far.
While we were on the way, the rain started. And it was more than just a little shower. But no matter, this was going to be an inside location anyway.
So we parked a little down the road and waited for Dan. Then we got a text that it would be another 15 or 20 Minutes until he arrives, so we said that we would be waiting inside.
We then got out of the car and started looking for a way in. It wasn't really easy to spot, but after inspecting most of the windows, we finally found an open one.
So we started our exploration and after a short while, a smiling face appeared in the window - it was Dan who finally joined us for our first tour together.
The farmhouse wasn't really spectacular. It had a few nice details, so we did get a couple of good shots, but we were back on the road relatively quickly to continue our adventure - the next spot was just a little down the road...

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