April 28, 2018

Tour Report: Farmhouse Ouija

After the first abandoned spot had been a successful exploration, we drove on to the next spot of our short tour through Denmark in January of last year. On the way, we passed a farmhouse that did look pretty abandoned at first sight. So we immediatels stopped the car and I got out for a quick check.
The front door was open, and the first look inside confirmed that our assumption was in fact correct. Nobody was living here anymore.
So we got out of the car, grabbed our gear and started our exploration.
Not much after that, I spotted two people with a dog walking along the street. At first I assumed that it was just a couple taking their dog for a walk - until they started walking right towards the house that we were in...
We went outside - we are always open about what we're doing - to show that we were inside the house. They did look a bit puzzled. Well, perhaps more than a bit puzzled and asked something in Danish. After we'd established that none of us speaks any Danish and both of them did speak neither English or German really well, we managed to explain our endeavor using hands and feet, so to speak, and they let us go back inside.
I talked with them a little longer to some get more information, but the only thing that I understood was that they were the owners of the house and that they were planning to demolish it and build a new one because of the desolate state parts of the farmhouse are in.

It was a nice encounter. Again, we had met friendly people that had understood what and why we were doing it and let us go on making phots. So after about an hour and a half, we got back in the car again and drove off to the next spot.

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