April 9, 2018

Tour Report: Children's Home R.

We left our "Urbex Hotel" in Eastern Germany Sunday morning after a hearty breakfast. It was relatively early as we had two more locations planned for the day, and we had a bit of road ahead of us.
Our first stop after about 250 kilometers was an abandoned children's home that had been abandoned for about 17 years at the time of our visit.
When we arrived, we parked at an inconspicuous spot somewhere in the neighborhood and walked the rest of the way. It had snowed during the night, and we could clearly see fresh tire tracks leading up to the premises, so we were really careful.
As we arrived at the building, we saw a car parked right in front of it. wait a minute - that license plate looks somehow familiar...It was a friend of ours who I had told that we were planning to visit the place that day. he had decided for a spontaneous visit as well. So it was alright after all, we weren't in any danger of getting caught.
We took our time to explore the place thoroughly for about two hours before we left for the next spot.
It wasn't really spectacular and over the years, the local kids have made a mess out of the place - but the snow and the winter sun made for a nice light, so we managed to get some good shots.

To check out all the photos from this rotten little place and find out about its history, click the button below.

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