March 12, 2017

Railyard E.

The day after we visted the old Soviet military depot, my wife and I met up with our friends Nordgriller Urbex and Fotodokumentationen zu "Verlassene Pl├Ątze" to visit one or the other nice spot.
My wife and I got picked up and we all met up at a public parking lot near the first spot - an abandoned railyard that used tp be part of one the largest freight depots in Europe.
The access was more than easy - the area was not really fenced in and we were able to walk right onto the premises.
We had to be careful not to be seen, because a part of the area is still in use and there were workers running around the place.
But everything went well, we went from one building to the other and everything was fairly uneventful until this one moment...
I had just climbed through a window into one of the buildings and my wife was trying to hand me my camera and the tripod when the boards below here gave in and her entire right leg disappeared into the ground. At the same time, the arm holding the tripod with the camera shot up in the air in the heroic attempt to save the valuable equipment. Turns out both my wife and the camera were unharmed and there was in fact a better way to enter the building...
After about two hours, we left the place to head for the next location.

To find out more about the history of this great spot and to check out all the photos from this fascinating place, click the button below.

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