March 26, 2017

Vampire Castle S.

The day after visiting the Olympic Village, we again set sail, so to speak, to go on a tour with our friend Freddy (Nordgriller Urbex) who we'd met up with for a couple of days not only of exploring, but also a great heavy metal concert - it doesn't get better than this!!
Anyway, that morning, we had paid a short visit to an old ballroom, which doesn't really deserve its own post, so I'm just going to skip it here and move on to the next spot - an old mansion.
The name is appropriately chosen, regarding the history of the building, so please forgive the dramatic title :)
The entire estate is surrounded by a big wall and various buildings that are still in use. We drove through the village a couple of times trying to find a good way in, but there was no chance. We then decided to take the direct way and parked right in front of a junk dealer's plaxce that was right next to the place we wanted to get into.
We walked on the scrapyard and looked around until we met someone. He didn't spear German really well but we managed to tell him that we wanted to take photos of the old house next door. After we had convinced him that we weren't "Television", he showed us a hole in the fence that seperated his place from the castle's park.
We crossed the high grass until we got to the building. There was no way in at groudn level, but a scaffolding at one side offered access at the first floor. We simply had to climb up the scaffold and then take big step across through the window - piece of cake!
The huge swarm of bees that lived in one part of the building made an infernal noise the entire time we were there, but they left us alone and we could take our pictures.
We left the same way we got in, waved the junkdealers goodbey and were on our way...

To find out more about the history of this great spot and to check out all the photos from this interesting place, click the button below.

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