October 30, 2016

Power Station V.

After our first day of travel together with Nordgriller Urbex had been fairly successful with visits in an abandoned recreation home, a sanatorium and an old Soviet airfield, we had something really great planned for the next day.
After a good dinner at the end of day one and a good night sleep in the hotel, we got up early the next day to meet up with Lost Places Knipser and TI Fotografie Lost Places and More to explore a huge abandoned power station.
To all of us, this spot was a dream location. Everyone had planned to go there for some time, and now, our dream became reality.
We met in a side street near the power station and had a short briefing on which way we were going to take to get in. We left our cars and casually went for a stroll on a small path that happened to run alongside the fence. As we reached a corner of an adjacent building, we spotted a hole in the fence. It was small and right at the ground, so we all squeezed/crawled through. We were on the premises. Now we only had to get to the main building without being seen and find an entrance...
We sneaked along the earth wall we were on until we found a slope that led down to a large free area between us and the main building.
We quickly ran across the open field until we reached the relative safety of the large walls, only to find that the door that we had planned to use as access had been boarded shut.
Luckily, only a few meters to the side, we found an open window. It was harder to get through, but we managed, and we were inside. It was dark. We already feared that we only had found a closed room with no access to the large halls of the power plant when we found the way.
The insides of the power station were a fantastic sight. Rusty steel, valves and dials, stairs and vast halls. It was a location noe of us will ever forget - and I believe a second visit is in order very soon...

To find out more about the history of this giant of industry and to check out all the photos from this amazing spot, click the button below.


  1. Klasse, wann warst du drinnen?

  2. Kommt man wieder rein? Ich war 2012 und als ich 2014 nochmal rein wollte hieß es das dies nicht mehr möglich sei, da irgend eine Wand kurz vorm Einsturz steht. Würde gern nochmal rein.

    Hier meine Bilder von damals.


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