October 3, 2016

Foundry P.

This was one of my rare solo tours. I had seen photos of this place online and since it is in my state, it couldn't be far. I just had to find out where it was...
So I asked a couple of people until I got the final hint to pinpoint the location.
It's actually really not that far form my home, only about 80 kilometers and you can get there by train! Well, the location is not far from the train station anyway.
So I packed my gear one Sunday morning in January, walked to the train station in my hometown and took the train South.
After the train had arrived at my station, I walked for about fifteen minutes until I got to the perimeter of the spot. The fence facing the street didn't have any holes in it, and there were children playing on the nearby halfpipe, so I decided to walk along the railroad tracks to find an access point on the far side of the premises. It's always a little risky to be walking along active railroad tracks, not only because of the trains passing you at high speeds, but also because the engineers do call the railroad police when they see you. But I figured that this was a Sunday, so the risk of getting caught was pretty low.
So I walked along the tracks until I found an opening in the fence and slipped through. I was in.
The place was really quiet. This is one thing I really like about locations during winter - the cold air seems to block sounds, and since it had even been snowing a little, it seemed even more quiet.
Unfortunately, I had gotten up a little too late, so there wasn't a lot of time before it got too dark for decent photos and I left.
I did come back about ten weeks later with a friend for a revisit and managed to get the photos I'd missed the first time, though.

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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