February 6, 2016

Toy Factory T.

The weather did hold for the next location. Mostly.
The next spot on our list was an abandoned toy factory in a small city only about 20 kilometers from the Soviet airbase, so iti didn't take us long to get there.
We found a place to park a few streets away and decided to walk around the location for a while to see if we could find an easy way in. From the look of the place on Google Earth, we couldn't make out a good place to enter and as we were sneaking around the place, it turned out that there really wasn't one. We had hoped to be able to enter from the back side, so we couldn't be spotted too easily, but there was another business and there workers on the premises.
On the other sides, the location is surrounded by a wall that was too high for us to climb.
The only way in appears to be climbing over the gate right at the street that was fairly populated by passing cars...
So we did that. I climbed over first and disappeared between the bushes on the abandoned factory premises. When the next opportunity came, my wife followed and we were in.

The place itself wasn't too spectacular. It appears that it has been used as an illegal dump for some time, and it's also been pretty much vandalized.

As we were leaving again after about two hours the rain had set in, but it was only a quick showe, and by the time we got to the third location, the sun was back out again.

To find out more about the history of the toy factory and to check out all the photos from this neat little spot, click the button below.

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