February 10, 2016

Sheet Music Printing Factory L.

This abandoned printing factory that was built around 1900 and was actually the first building in Germany with a structure entirely constructed out of reinforced concrete.
It was a nice short solo exploration for me as the finale of the third day of our summer vacation last year.
The location was right across from the hotel that kind of served as our base camp for our explorations. The building looked abandoned, but a huge sign on the side said that it was being refurbished into luxury apartments. But it really didn't look like much was happening there. So after we had parked the car, my wife wanted to go get some drinks and snacks for after dinner. I quickly went to check out the outside of the building. All the windows of the ground floor were boarded, but there was a small gap between the boards that I thought I might fit through. I went back to my wife, but she wanted to go on get the drinks anyway and told me to go right ahead. So I grabbed the gear, went across the (very busy) street and tried to wait for an opportune moment to slip behind the breaker box and through the gap in the door. Got a nasty scratch from a rusty nail on the way in and very probably I did NOT look inconspicuous AT ALL.
But I was in and no one seemed to care.

The preparations for the renovation obviously had begun at some point. Debris and trash had been cleaned and packed into platic bags, fuse panels had been stripped away and piled on the floors and it even looked like someone had tried to sweep the dust...
I did a quick walkthrough and took a couple of photos for about 30 or 40 minutes before I slipped out the same way I got in (and I keep telling myself that I looked more elegant the second time) and met my wife back at the car.

To find out more about the history of this architecturally interesting site and to check out all the photos from this neat little spot, click the button below.

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