January 29, 2016

Soviet Airbase B.

The third day of our summer vacation started out beautifully. The weather was beautiful - almost a little too sunny at first since a completely blue sky can be a bit boring in photos. But that got better as we started packing our stuff.
We left the hotel and drove for about an hour until we arrived at the first spot of the day.
I really like the Soviet relics you can find in Eastern Germany for their historical relevance. A lot of them have been built by the Nazis before World War II, and some even as early as World War I, so they were used by the military of two different nations over the years, and each had its own impact on the location itself.
So when we planned the trip and I found this place, naturally I had to include it in the plan.

There were "Do not enter" signs right at the road that leads to the airfield, so we parked the car about half a kilometer away by the road and walked. The "off limits" road led us through the garrison where the soldiers were living. Some buildings were from the Nazi period, others had been added by the Soviets.
After a while, the forest cleared and we spottet one of the hangars and started taking photos right away. At some point, a couple of "tourists" who were about 60 years old stumbled into the hangar and started taking photos as well. We had a short chat with them and went on outside.
The second hangar is obviously being used as storage for the solar field that has been built on the former runway.
We found the tower almost overgrown by trees, but bathed in sunlight. It was a really nice sight, I think. Some parts of it are pretty derelict, but we managed to check out most of it. The interior wasn't too spectacular, so we were out pretty quickly and started walking back to the car. On the way I checked out two of the garrison buildings, but they had also been thoroughly vandalized.

As we got back to the car, the sky began getting cloudy, and we were hoping that the weather would hold for the next location...

To find out more about the history of this airbase and to check out all photos from this interesting place, click the button below!

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