January 18, 2016

Airport L.

On the second day of our summer vacation, my wife and I didn't want to drive too far because of the long ride south the day before, so we had decided on two possible locations that were not too far away.
The first one was an abandoned airport about which we knew there wouldn't be too much to look at if there was any chance at all at getting in.
The old airport lies pretty much right next to the new airport. There is no runway left of the old one, only the pilots hall and the tower along with the terminal building remain. The area is surrounded by logistics and service companies for the new airport, so there is a lot of traffic around the old buildings.
The good thing was that there was a public parking lot right next to the fence surrounding the area of the old airport. We parked right in front of the hole in the fence, and I went in for a quick peek.
The buildings are locked tightly and are obviously being used for storage by various companies in the area.
So this was no real success, although I got a couple of outside shots anyway.

To find out more about the history of this airport and to check out all photos from this interesting place, click the button below!

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