October 25, 2015

Paper Mill M. [Revisit]

This paper mill was kind of an emergency solution on that tour. My wife and I had been there once before and since it isn't the most spectacular place, it wasn't on the list for this tour in early April.
But since our plans had been overthrown and the tour together with Nordgriller Urban Explration was cut short by an inaccessible location in the morning, we had some time left after visiting the strangely surreal general hospital, we decided in favor of our friend's hunger for industrial ruins.
The location is conveniently situated right next to the autobahn exit, so it wasn't even a detour.
Even the way in was a easy as my wife and I remembered from the first visit. Just walk right onto the premises, nothing is there to stop you.
It had rained for some days before, so the way towards the building was really muddy, and we had trouble keeping our feet dry, but we somehow managed :)

The weather was great and so the afternoon sun gave a nice light to some of the rooms in the old paper mill.

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