October 29, 2015

Children's Sanatorium E.

Only three days after touring the East of Germany for an old hospital and an abandoned paper mill, my wife and I met up again with Nordgriller Urban Exploration for another tour. Only this tour was going to be a quite a bit further than the last one. For a one-day-tour anyway.
We had planned a tour of overall about 800 kilometers with two fixed locations along with a couple of alternatives.
We met up relatively early, and after the mandatory coffee and cigarette we took off to pick up another friend who was with us on this tour.
We reached our first destination shortly before noon, found it and parked the car. We checked out the surroundings first and looked for the most opportune way to enter.
The old children's sanatorium lies right in the middle of the town on top of a hill surrounded by trees. The street runs right alongside it and across the street are houses and apartments. It was Sunday and the weather was really nice, so there were a lot of cyclists passing the area. Eventually, we took the most obvious, but also quickest way in to be out of everybody's sight as quickly as possible.

Looking back, this sanatorium is one of my favorite locations, possibly due not only to the location itself, but also due to the weather and the great crew I was with once again. We took a lot of time to give the entire area a thorough exploration before we moved on to the next place.

Here are some photos to give you an impression of the 140-year-old sanatorium. To find out more about the history of the place and check out the entire gallery, click on the button below.

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