October 22, 2015

General Hospital R.

This is probably the most run-down location I have ever been to. Looking at so much senseless destruction gave the entire scene a kind of surreal feeling.
But let's start at the beginning.
It was a Saturday morning at the beginning of April, and my wife and I were picked up for the tour by our friend Nordgriller Urban Exploration. After a coffe and a cigarette at our place we had decided for the locations of the day and headed east.
The first stop was an old villa that is direkty connected to a large public indoor pool. It lookd fantastic - at least from the outside. After about 200 kilometers we got there only to realize that we should have gotten there before sunrise to get a chance of entering. The place is right at the boardwalk next to the beach and since it was a sunny day, a percieved billion of people were walking up and down in right in front of the location.
So after deciding not risking to get caught we drove on to the next location.
This abandoned hospital used to be a modern medical facility.
But not anymore. Nothing, really nothing, hints towards the former use of the big building complex. About a decade of being unguarded right in the middle of a problem district of an Eastern German city has taken a serious toll on the hospital.
It seems as if generations of unattended children, frustrated teenagers and drunken young adults all had their share of violence towards the walls, the ceilings, the doors and the windows.
Seriously, no single room has been left untouched!

Seeing so much destruction in one place made for an eerily surrealistic atmosphere.

For more photos and historical info on the hospital, push the button below.


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