October 18, 2015

Lightbulb Factory S.

On the way home from our short vacation in March, my wife and I opted for an abandoned lighbulb factory as our final location for the tour.
It was located conveniently near our route, so no long detour was necessary.
We didn't have the exact address, so we had to look around a little, but we eventually found it.
It was Monday around noon, so there were lots of schoolchildren on their way home walking about - and the factory itself was surrounded by a construction site.
Obviously, the buildings surrounding the original factory had been demolished and the area was being cleared for new houses.
The original factory however was still standing. But how to get in? There were construction workers everywhere. Not really close, but close enough to be able to spot us without effort.
So I decided to take my usual "impudence wins"-approach and just walk around to the back of the building, and there it was - an open door! We had to take a large step across a ditch and we were in.
I don't know if anybody had seen us, but no one bothered us, so thei either hadn't spotted us or they simply didn't care.
The factory itself was nothing spectacular, but the sunlight made for a nice mood and since this was no extensive exploration, it was a nice finale for our tour.

For more photos and historical info on the factory, push the button below.

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