August 3, 2015

Soviet Garrison H. [Revisit]

After our somewhat disappointing exploration of the abandoned railyard, my friend Nordgriller Urbex and I still had some time left before we had to head home, and the soviet garrison happened to be pretty nearby.
I really did like it the first time I was there and after it had been raining most of the day, the sun had finally decided to come out for the late afternoon, so we were eager to go on one more exploration.
So we made the short drive to the garrison, and were able to take the same way in that I had taken the first time around.
Almost nothing had changed since more than a year ago - with one exception: The pile of ammunition we had found in the basement had vanished save for a couple of empty shells. Either someone had informed the authorities about an improbable but possible threat from old ammunition or, more likely since there still were some left, some "collector" added them to his collection...

For more photos from this abandoned soviet garrison, please visit my website!

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