July 22, 2015

Railyard H.

This was another location on a rather patchy tour together with Nordgriller Urban Exploration which had its ups and downs as well in the weather as in the locations.
This one had looked really promising on Google Earth - a pretty large area, lots of buildings and even photos of some old locomotives could be found.
When we go there, the weather started clearing up, and the place looked just as promising as during the research......until we saw the signs that most of the place was being used by a local railway company for storage and repairs.
But still, there were a bunch of buildings left, so we didn't let us get discouraged by this minor let-down. So we found a way over the fence and found...a lot of locked doors and bolted windows.
There was hardly anything to explore; there was no access whatsoever.

When we were lamost on the way back to the car, we found two pretty unspectacular buildings open, so we at least didn't leave the palce empty-handed.

To find some historical information about the railyard, head over to my website!

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